The Stone Soup series of conferences "Recipes for Impact" aims at enabling shared knowledge spaces around topics that are strategic in the social field. Organised in different formats such as events, workshops and conferences, Recipes for Impact is addressed to all those actors that want to maximize their positive social impact. 


"Manage for Impact", the first event of the series, will take place on 27-28th September 2018 in Barcelona. This conference, co-organized with TIIME, will be a dynamic and holistic event focused on best practices in impact

management. It will connect providers of diverse impact tools and methods with their potential clients in the public, private and non-profit sector - for the first time at European level.

The 3S conference is the first Series of Stone Soup Conference Recipes on IMPACT.

Measuring is a critical element of the Impact Economy – whether you are driving a social impact organization or funding and supporting them, what differentiates impact is the ability to set objectives and measure the changes you generate.

Management is actually using the data you collect from your measurement to actively optimize and improve your performance to achieve greater positive social impact.

This conference is for Social Purpose Organizations (“SPOs”) and investment professionals looking to go beyond impact measurement to impact management.

Impact metrics and methodologies are under constant discussion – it is time to move from simply measuring to managing Impact.


At the conference we will learn how to

consolidate | evaluate  | optimise | manage 

for impact


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